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Urfi Marathi Movie Review

urfi-movie review

Simple Love Story with Weird Plot Mars the Entertainment Value of the Film

This week despite the hype of finding five Marathi movies to hit the theatres, only one released, which is Urfi. The film is directed by Vikram Pradhan, while it is produced by Yuvraj Verma along two others under the banner of NBS Entertainment Pvt Ltd in association with Brainwave Production. The film has Prathamesh Parab, Mitali Mayekar, Kavita Lad, Upendra Limaye and Milind Pathak in the main and supporting roles. The screenplay and script comes from Vikram Pradhan, while the DOP is carried out by Pradeep Khanvilkar for this Rom Com Thriller. Now, it’s time for us to dig in deep and get the crux of the film.


The film deals with a small time real estate agent called Deva (Prathamesh Parab) who supports his family in the daily chore along with paying for the rent of a flat in Mumbai and there in this process he is seen falling n love with a girl found in this family. As the young man starts getting a good treatment like a family member, the love between the two seems blossoming. However, the daughter – Amruta (Mitali Mayekar) from this family is sad and has a broken heart, however, she overcomes this issue in order to find out a new vision. Well, things rosy though but as the film progress, unlike every story facing a twist Urfi is seen treading the same path the best. So, what happens at the end is interesting to explore.

Script Analysis

The scripts seems too simple at one end, however, on the other end you may find certain twists and turns unlike seen in any love story. So, Urfi is no exception, which starts with a young and noble kind of person involved in helping a family in the flat rent and other things. Hence in the first half, the film somewhere resemble to any RajShri Production movies wherein a character of noble and humble characters are shown, however, the second half witnesses all the twists and turns in it giving some kind of Masala movie at the end. In a sense, you hardly find anything unusual in it making somewhere interesting at the end.

Star Performances

Let’s start with Prathamesh Parab in Urfi. Well, this man has carved his niche hard in the avatar of a Tapori in most of the movies released in the past particularly in the Time Pass Franchise, also, his roles in small and even B Town movies resembled the same Tapori guy with similar look and feel. However, with Urfi, he has tried to break the monotony and to some extent he is successful. Well, he may take some time to become an accomplished actor in Marathi Cinema but his efforts in the film cannot be denied. His performance in the noble man while playing the character of an estate agent seems to be good, yet cannot be called as a versatile actor. Perhaps he has to cover miles to get the tag of a versatile actor. Also, Mitali Mayekar in the role of Amruta too was average, which cannot be called as par. Similar is the story with other people found in the film.

Direction, Dialogue, Music and other Technical stuff

Urfi is a tale of simple love story wherein the director has tried to add some twist in the second half, however, it seemed half-baked. Perhaps this could be his inexperience in making movies, which he will learn with time. The film is pitted with so many vague and meaningless dialogue, and some indigestible humour elements in the love story.  You could find these elements at both the half, which hampers the entertainment value of the film. In terms of direction, there aren’t any worthy things to be discussed; similarly, music, screenplay, editing and other technical stuff seemed to be average, which makes them to hamper the overall entertainment value of the film.

Urfi Last Word

Urfi is essentially a simple love story, however, certain typical twists and turns added in the film just to make it different and unique had made things bad to worse for the film. The film is pitted with a number of flaws within, right from having meaningless dialogues to average music and vague punches that hampered the film in a very big way. If you want to kill your time and money then don’t mind catching up the film otherwise you have other options from B Town to catch.

Rating – 2.0

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