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Sugar Salt Aani Prem (2015)

Sugar Salt aani Prem (2015)Sugar Salt Aani Prem (2015)

Producer : Sonali Bangera
Directer : Sonali Bangera
Studio : The Red Bulb Studios
Star Cast : Sonali Kulkarni As Aditi, Sameer Dharmadhikari as Rahul, Ajinkya Deo as Ajay, Kranti Redkar as Soumya, Shilpa Tulaskar as Ananya, Prasad Oak as Ravindra
Story: Sonali Bangera
Music : Siddarth Mahadevan
Cinematography : Rahul Jadhav
Creative Producer : Vinay Nalavade
Executive Producer : Hemant Panchal
Genre : Social Drama
Release Date : 12th Jun 2015

The bitter sweet flavors of love and life form the core of Sugar Salt Ani Prem. The movie tells the story of three women- Aditi, Soumya and Ananya who are struggling in their respective lives to find the path that will lead to love and fulfillment. The relationship they share with each other is the crux of the plot which weaves a lovely tale of friendship and companionship. Their bonding is very well depicted and there is a lot to explore when it comes to relationships.

Starring eminent actors like Shilpa Tulaskar, Sonali Kulkarni, and Kranti Redkar as the female leads, you can only hope for a power-packed performance. And the male leads, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Ajinkya Deo and Prasad Oak too give able support to the movie. Directed and produced by Sonali Bangera, this is one movie that will certainly appeal to the female audience.

Its philosophical takes on the dilemma and delights that modern woman face will touch you to the core. The lessons of failures and fulfillment have been nicely depicted and any woman will easily relate with them. However, Sugar Salt Ani Prem is not a women-oriented movie. It is an engaging social drama, which will ring a bell in the hearts of all kinds of audience, who are looking for the precious lessons of life and philosophies.

So, remember to book your tickets and get ready to taste the sugar and salt of this wonderful movie. You are certainly going to return with a satisfying experience.


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