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A Paying Ghost

Paying GhostA Paying Ghost Movie 2015

Director : Sushrut Bhagwat
Story    : Sanjay Mone
Starring : Umesh Kamat, Spruha Joshi
Release dates : 29 May 2015
Running time :     148 minutes

You rarely find a movie that combines horror and humor together and that too beautifully. Well, the list is short and a new addition is set to come with A Paying Ghost. This movie is a rare gem that will tickle your funny bone and also make your heart beat faster. The film tells the story of a young couple who reside in a home haunted by ghosts. Their normal life is thrown out of gear when they find themselves in the company of ghosts. But the ghosts are not entirely malicious as they are made out to be. They love to play tricks and at times also show up their evil side.

Starring the famous actor Umesh Kamat, known for his stupendous performance in Balkadu, A Paying Ghost shows him in an entirely different role. Paired opposite the adorable Spruha Joshi, Umesh manages to nail the role with great élan. Together they make for a fine couple and also share a fantastic chemistry. However, the real X-factor of the movie is the thrills and the laughter produced by none other than the ghosts. The special effects will really take you by surprise and you will enjoy the humor-horror cocktail with great delight.

Directed by Sushrut Bhagwat, A Paying Ghost is a lovely entertainer that you can watch with your family this weekend. You will have lots of fun as you watch this thrilling comic caper. The twin genres of comedy and horror have been well executed and will manage to hold their own in equal measure.

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