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Shubh Lagna Savdhan Movie Review

Shubh Lagna Savadhan

Shubh Lagna Savdhan


Director – Sameer Ramesh Surve

Star castSubodh Bhave, Shruti Marathe, Kishori Ambiye, Girish Oak

Writer – Mayuresh Joshi

Producer – Pallavi Vinay Joshi

Music – Mandar Cholkar

Rating – 2.5


Meet Aniket played by Subodh Bhave and he is in love with Rucha played by Shruti Marathe, but he is against the idea of marriage. But with the idea of changing his stand, we see Rucha tricking him into attending her cousin’s wedding.  So, what goes the next is interesting to explore.


The film shares several similarities with the Salman Khan hit film Hum Aapke Hai Koun, especially if we talk about the family drama thing in the movie. However, the backdrop of the film relates to the present day scenario. The very basic idea of the film is striking the chord with the young crowd of our society who share similar thought process or is seen perplexed regarding getting settling down. However, the director of the film has tried to fail to embark upon with an interesting story that is not able to come out with a logical movie primarily due to the fact that the film more often focus on the destination wedding at Dubai. If the director had focused on the drama and other parts it could have helped him a lot in making a decent film.

Some of the scenes are still stretched for no reason while the similarities found in the movie simply make the film very much predictable. Now talking about the performances, the lead actors – Subodh and Shruti have embarked upon with a decent chemistry, while the high points of the movie are in the sequences that feature the two. The other couple Ira and Rohan though had less screen time but they proved good in terms of performance. On the other side, Rewati and Pratik were average. The other elements like music, screenplay, editing and other elements remained average which didn’t help much to boost up the entertainment value of the movie.

Shubh Lagna Savdhan – The Last word

Making a film based on an Indian wedding is a trick affair not all is competent to offer the higher entertainment value with it. The director failed to maintain a decent balance between various elements seen in the film, which made it struggle before the audience. Though if you are interested in catching any drama family film with no other option to check, then you can catch SLS to kill the boredom of your lazy weekend.

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