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Shentimental Movie Review : The film is a roller coaster ride of Emotions, Reality and Humor


Shentimental Marathi Movie Review:

Star Cast – Ashok Saraf, Upendra Limaye, Pallavi Patil, Suyog Gorhe, Ramesh Wani and Uma Saardeshmukh

Director – Sameer Patil

Genre – Comedy Drama

Rating – 2.5

The film Shentimental is an emotional connect between the audience and makers along with unfolding a number of elements like humor and emotions. The film is all about finding out a series of pleasing elements that make the film a public sentimental. If you love comedy and then it will be a perfect catch for you this weekend. Talking about the plot of the film, it comprises of actors like Ashok Saraf who is seen in a police lineup have to leave to state like Bihar for their police investigation, hence what really you get to see would be an interesting thing to explore. Ashok Saraf in the film is a constable who has remained in the position for last 48 years.

In our busy daily chores, we all love to find out small and trivial acts of pleasure and thus make things public sentimental. If you are catching up the comedy with an emotional edge then coming and catching up the film is really very interesting act to consider. The director has managed to get success in embarking with good script, which is crafted smoothly in a three fold structure wherein the film deals with three elements making it a crime investigation thriller. As the title suggest, the film suggests the movie is all about an emotional heart with different characters.

The first part of the film is seen working out in Mumbai wherein the police encounters a case in Andheri that end up giving a number of inner police puns, which comes a treat to the audience and perhaps you can find it movies only. The film though can be seen carrying some characters from Salman Khan but it seems to take a different route altogether. The performance of the lead actor has been incredible particularly Ashok Saraf in the role of a constalble.

The final Word

The film Shentimental is certainly a nice film as far as technically speaking along with showcasing fresh and emotionally connected script with the elements of humor. This certainly becomes a satire for the police department particularly of the states of Bihar and Maharashtra, hope the cops take lessons from the same.

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