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Movie Review : Rege is a Crime Thriller With A Difference

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We have seen many films involving the battle between the underworld and the police force. Many such multi starers show the gross side of ruthless humanity portrayed before us. The trap called the crime world is complicated at each level. Once you enter it you are doomed to lose your normal life. The film Rege tells the same story but through a different perspective. It is not about brilliant police officers hunting down the criminals. It is about a young lad, a medical student who falls victim to the crime world and drowns all his chances of living a normal life.

Rege is a story of how the crime world can easily lure a youngster with money and power. Any man can be led on the path of wrong by money and power. It is not only the student, Anirudh but even the police men are erring. The film shows a world that is full of deceit and greed. Anirudh is tempted into a group of criminals and before he can realize he becomes the only witness to a murder. The police takes him into custody and as a result , the boy’s grueling at the hands of the police begins. How he bears the calamity which has come uncalled? How the police department, suspicious and ruthless takes on the boy and handles his case is the film’s crux.

The film wraps the message that the path to money can be grotesque and ugly. And also immensely tempting to the young generation that is loaded with expectations and dreams No less is their greed. The film sketches the unreliable system of judiciary and police force that is corrupt and greedy at each level.

The character of Anirudh is played by Aroh Velankar. The youngster has put his best efforts and has succeeded in touching the hearts of the audience. Mahesh Manjrekar as the police inspector is realistic and impactful. Pushpak Shrotri and Santhosh Juvekar are also impressive. Music by Avadhoot Gupte creates an apt atmosphere. The movie delivers its message despite of a complicated plot. The film deserves a watch for the relevant subject and its impaction treatment.

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