Avadhoot Gupte

Avadhoot GupteAvadhoot Gupte Biography :

Born: February 19, 1977
Age : 39
Birthplace : Mumbai
Spouse: Girija Gupte
Albums: Dil Se Maratha Hai (Live in Concert)

Avadhoot Gupte is a multi talented musician. That is the apt description for this singer who does not restrict himself to any one domain of films. He has sung, composed music, produced and directed films, hosted talk shows! That is not enough and the singer has no intentions to limit himself to only these fields.

Wiki – Avadhoot Gupte started his career from a singing reality show on zee TV. This was his first step to his bright singing career. The talented youngster then went on produce music albums which in turn brought him offers from both Marathi and Hindi films. Avadhoot is popular in the Marathi films as a versatile singer. He sang for numerable Marathi songs.

Avadhoot ‘s first album Paus was a splendid success and the singer became hugely popular among Marathi listeners. He succeeded in tapping the right chords of the Marathi music lovers capturing their the regional essence. In the following years he teamed up with an upcoming singer in Marathi Vaishali Samant for the album Aika Dajaiba. The song and its video which had the Channel V Vj Ishita Arun dancing to the tunes , became a major hit in the pop music industry and the composer tasted initial success. what lied ahead was a series of offers form Marathi and Bollywood films. His next album ” jai jai mahatrastra majha” , sung by him also brought him much appreciation. He is one of the few singers who releases his work nationwide but with the quintessential Marathi feel to it. Regional essence is unique in tradition and diction . Avadhoot has succeeded in wrapping his music with these. that is the reason for his popularity among the Marathi listeners.

It is not his music alone that works in favor of this talented composer. His charming personality adds an extra touch in endearing him to the viewers. In a reality show for children, Sa Re Ga Ma little champs, Avadhoot won many hearts by being a genuinely caring and encouraging judge to the young singers. His judgments were not only fair , but also blew optimism into the participants. Thereafter he has hosted a talk show titled Khupte Tithe Gupte. The show recorded a high viewership and it set the trend for more such shows in Marathi Television.

There is no limit for a man of ambitions. Avadhoot went on produce a film titled Zenda in 2010. Though the film was surrounded with controversies, Avadhoot made his way through them. After this first venture into films, he continues to produce and direct on various social issues and concerns himself with regional art and entertainment.


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