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Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Review

Paisa-Paisa-2016-Marathi-Movie Review

After Sairat, the M Town had two movies releasing this Friday, which certainly include Paisa Paisa. The film is directed by Joji Raechal Job, while produced by ShivVilas M. Chaurasiya under the banner called The 9 Films Production. The film has Sachit Patil, Spruha Joshi, Milind Shinde, Aashish Newalkar, Pushkar Shrotri and Deepali Sayyad in the lead and supporting roles. The story, screenplay and dialogues comes from Sachin Darekar. While the music comes from Soham Ajay Pathak and the lyrics are jotted down by Shreerang Godbole, Shiv Kumar Dhale and Soham Pathak. Now, let’s dig in deep into the film to get the gist of the film.


The film Paisa Paisa is a drama movie, which revolves around money, which is regarded as the root to all forms of the evil. Having Sachit Patil in the lead, Paisa Paisa has all the elements, which one can expect from including love, friendship and relationships. However, digging deep into the film, one can find another Marathi movie being made in a south Indian style. Perhaps the director Joji Raechal has embarked with a Marathi version. The film revolves around a filmmaker based in Mumbai who is on his way to sort out things with his estranged wife. On the other side you have his best friend being kidnapped for mere 10,000 INR who has gone to Nagpur for an interview. So, the entire movie revolves the ten thousand, which is to be given as a ransom in a stipulated time.


The film is a remake and has not much of originality in terms of content and script, which should come without a flaw that remains unavoidable while making a movie with an original idea. All you need to do is to cast new faces, change the language and locations and rewrite the dialogues as the basic idea of the film, script and content remains the same. Moreover, you have the opportunity to shape the remake film in a better way alleviating the flaws incurred in the original film. Ironically Paisa Paisa has its own set of flaws, which could have been easily avoided.  

The idea of being kidnapped for mere an amount of ten thousand seems ridiculous especially when you have a filmmaker in city like Mumbai failing to arrange a meager amount. However, this idea could had worked in the backdrop of a rural area especially when we find it based at a really poverty struck slum the audience could have easily digested the script.  The fact of the matter, the character of filmmaker could have sold his chain or mobile phone to get that amount. Thus catch up a film with such a subject seems weird.

Talking about the performances, Patil in the character of a filmmaker seems okay who has been trying relentlessly to get the money to save his friend; however, others seemed average over the silver screen. May be the director was unable to squeeze out the fire, which was required to be showcased over the screen with little bit of changes in the movie and its central idea.  The film has the same screenplay being showcased a number of times on the screen diluting the interest of the audience and thus giving them too much of loo breaks. The music and other things seemed too trivial in the movie that failed to lift it hard for the audience giving nothing at the end.

Paisa Paisa Last Word

Paisa Paisa is essentially a single plot point movie with the same screenplay being repeated countless times without having any development in the script. You hardly get to see happening in the real time in the movie or even get its feel as well. with this the audience fail to connect well over the narration of the movie, however, this is just a small concern, but bigger flaws spread across different levels, the film has failed to give to the audience. Had this film been gripping, such concerns could had given the least of damage to the film. With many flaws within backed by mediocre star performances, the film has not much to give to the audience hampering its rating to a great extent.

Rating – 1.5


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