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Oli Mati Tarunyachya Umbarathyavar- Trailer Review

Rating – 1.5*/5

The Marathi Movie – Oli Mati Tarunyachya Umbarathyavar is all set to hit the theatres soon. The movie comes from an unpopular production house called Swapnil Art Entertainment, which is directed by filmmaker- Narendra Gaikwad. The film is produced by a slew of people, which include Swapnil Bawane, Amish Hedau, Shekhar Bawankar along with the director itself. The film has Sanket More, Sahil Patvardhan, Neha Chitnis and Priti Narnavre in the lead roles, while Ganesh Yadav, Sandip Pathak, Harish Gawai, Puja Nayak, Sanjay Bhakare, Rajesh Chitnis, Seema Godbole, Vina Selokar, Prashant Nikhar, Rajesh Sherki, Mangesh Harbade, Avinash Bawane, Usha Shingane, etc in the supporting and other roles. In order to make a buzz in the media, the filmmaker has now embarked with its trailer, now, let’s dig deep into it and check how things are into it.

This movie revolves around the life of college friends and their transition in life showcasing love, friendship, romance and mistakes they commit treading on the rocky path of life, which is vividly seen in the trailer. The trailer reflects the two young couples named Darshal (Sanket More) and Amboli (Priti Naranavare) while the second is Abhay (Sahil Patwardhan) and Ketaki (Neha Chitnis). As the trailer begins, you find these four college friends in their usual chores and soon turn romancing being two different couples. Soon after romancing together their road to opposition for their love and life becomes difficult. They are seen getting entangled into the bad boys in the film, who screw them, blackmail them along with certain sex sequences on the bed too are witnessed. All these things come in a hasty manner thus making the viewer perplexed as what’s happening.

At a glance, the trailer seems the repetition of the same old scripts, which has college students, romance, friendship, sex, criminal sequences, etc. Nothing really new seems to be seen in the film as the script suffers from the same monotony, which we catch up any typical masala movie. The story holds less water, which makes it a content-less film. Now, looking at the star performances, the couple in the lead roles sound too naive and their less exposure to similar works can be easily through their ordinary performances over the silver screen. The others in the supporting role too have the same story and ironically the ones in negative roles are seen better than the lead roles. The other elements like music, dialogues, screenplay, location and other technical elements too fail to impress the audience.

Overall the trailer of Oli Mati Tarunyachya Umbarathyavar has dismayed the audience and critics in many ways. Right from the monotonous kind of story/plot backed by poor performances and dull editing and screenplay, there is hardly anything, which can captivate the Marathi audience for long, forget about having any inquisitive quotient that can make people really wait for the film. The trailer has dismayed us in a big way, which makes our belief on axioms like ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ too strong. Sadly, that’s the story of Oli Mati Tarunyachya Umbarathyavar. Hence, the trailer doesn’t really deserves any better kind of ratings for the poor content, dull performances and low end filmamaking venture.

Rating – 1.5*/5

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