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Khari Biscuit Movie Review : The film showcases the perfect brother-sister bond on the silver screen

Khari Biscuit Movie Review

Khari Biscuit Movie Review

Director – Sanjivani Jhadav
Star castSanjay Narvekar, Sushant Shelar, Vedhashree Khadikar, Adarsh Kadam and Nandita Patkar
Genre – Kids Drama


The film deals with a story of siblings – Khari and Biscuit who is based on the streets of Khari who happens to be a dreamer while Biscuit is always ready to accept the common of Khari. They live on the streets and how their lives go are interesting to explore.


The film’s genre somewhere seems to be u known to the director as she has directed a colorful film previously. This is the first time she has done a film with kids thus taking up a venture that has a stark contrast to her earlier movies. The film has an interesting storyline where we see the Biscuit taking of his visually impaired sibling making her feel special all the time, however, when truth comes to forth, he still remains steadfast for his sister.

Khari Biscuit Movie

The film is made at the backdrop of 2011 when India has bagged the world cup after 28 years and it somewhere is connected to the siblings’ story. Khari wants India to win the world cup, and biscuit narrates how India has won the match and how Sachin is seen lifting the cup in his hand. However, the story despite being so strong seemed to have poorly implemented.

Talking about the performances, the kids have done a wonderful job playing siblings despite facing the camera for the first time in their life. The supporting cast played by Nandita Patkar, and Sushant Shelar seemed good despite their limited roles. The cinematography was good and so was the screenplay and direction.

Khari Biscuit – The Last Word

The film is a good one talking about a strong brother-sister bond and keeps the makers at the front. The film is also good in terms of story and for being technically-sound as well. However, one may not get the complete package. You can certainly catch this film for the kids.

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