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Katti Batti – Zee Yuva Serial

Katti Batti – Zee Yuva Serial

Director – Vinod Lavhekar

Star cast -Pushkar Sarad, Ashwini Kasar, Vinod Lavekar, and Nikhil Sheth

Production House – Potadi Entertainment

Genre – Comedy, Romance

TV Channel – Zee Yuva

Time and DaysMonday to Saturday at 07:30 PM

Starting Date : 19th February 2018

Synopsis: The TV show Katti Batti happens to be upcoming TV show, which is directed by Vinod Lavhekar, while the star cast has Pushkar Sarad as Parag, Ashwini Kasar as Purva along with the stars including Vinod Lavekar, Nikhil Sheth, Mandar Deshpande, and Amruta Todarmal in the lead and supporting roles. The TV show is produced by Nikhil Sheth and Vinod Lavhekar, while it is produced under the banner of Potadi Entertainment. The TV show happens to be the Comedy and Romantic one. The TV show to air at 07:30 PM, while it is showcased from Monday to Saturday. The title Song Singer happens to be Amruta Subhash and Swanand Kirkire, while the title song choreography is carried out by  Shivaji Tripathi and cinematography is done by Sandip Shinde who is fondly called as Sandy.

The TV show called the Katti Batti happens to be a Marathi romantic comedy TV series, while it has Pushkar Sarad, Ashwini Kasar, Vinod Lavekar, Nikhil Sheth, Deshpande Mandar and Amruta Todarmal in the lead roles. The show talks about the unusual first meeting, which deals with the arranged marriage, of the lead characters Parag and Purva, while the parents are seen showcasing some major showdown along with walking out over each other. But this simply do not deter the young couple and they tend to decide and meet again to often to eventually fall in love. The Story and Screenplay is done by Ashish Pathare, while the Co-Story and Co-Screenplay is carried out by Prathmesh Shivalkar and the dialogues are carried out by Dynesh Zoting whereas the background music of the show is carried out Vijay Gawande whereas the title song lyrics are being carried out by Dasu and the title song music is carried out by Amruta Subhash and Amit Padhye. Stay tuned to know more about this show and others only with us.


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