What connects Baware Prem He to Sholay ?

Baware Prem He

Mouth organs may not be an “in fad “ musical instrument today, but back in the 70s and 80s they were a soothing music to the ears. How can one forget Amitabh Bachchan playing the instrument in the film Sholay . Ajay Naik’s upcoming film Baware Prem He has a similar sequence wherein the male lead plays the organ whenever he is perturbed by the memory of his love. The sequences shot in Goa are scenically beautiful and romantic.

Interestingly the instrument has been played by the director’s 70 year old father. Ajay said with a smile that his father breathes in a freshness with his music in the film, a music which is soulful and young.

Baavre Prem Hain is a story of true love that endures all tests of time and circumstances. The director has played keen attention to the music of the film for he says it is crucial part of any love story. Though mouth organs are easily ignore today as a music instrument, they have a magic of their own which reminds of lovely tunes in films like Sholay. According to Ajay such tunes never lose their charm despite of the generation gap like that between him and his father.

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