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Box Office Collection of Candle March Marathi Movie

Candle March box office

Sachin Dev directed Candle March released this weekend. The film stars Tejaswini Pandit , Manava Naik and Saili Sahasrabudhe play the leading ladies in the film that is a statement against the nonchalance of the society against brutal rapes and sexual harassment of women. The film deals with the subject of inadequate laws and security for such crimes. It is not very often that films with social messages are made. This won comes in a time when many mass entertainers and masala movies are raking in huge sums of money. Candle march, owing to its serious subject caters to a small percentage of audience. Both in big and small cities, it has a limited number of viewers.

As expected the turn out for the film was low as compared to the other commercial films that came in the previous weeks. Being the only Marathi release this week, it was expected to attract audiences in good number. On the first day of release it made a total collection of 1 Crore. In the weekends it’s collection was expected to shoot up but reportedly a low turnout for the film was recorded. It made a total collection of 2 crore on the weekend. In the days to follow , there are signs of the film hitting even lower figures in collection. Its total box office collection in the week is expected to be around 2-3 crore

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