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Smile Please Marathi Movie Review

Smile Please review

Catch the Roller Coaster Emotional Ride with perfect action and performances

Movie – Smile Please

Director – Vikram Phadnis

StarcastMukta Barve, Lalit Prabhakar, Prasad Oak

Genre – Drama

Production Studio – Everest Entertainment, Sunrise Studios, Hashtag Films, and Krtyavat Productions

Running Time – 134 Mins

Rating – 3.5

Smile Please Plot :

The film is about a professional photographer played by Mukta Barve. She is diagnosed with the ailment called onset dementia which is at its early stage and since then her life has been a roller coaster ride on the road. However, the table turns when a stranger comes into his life and tries to change things around her giving a new purpose to her life. So, what goes next would be interesting to catch in the nearby cinema.

Smile Please Review

It is interesting to see M Town to deal with issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease which often remain the subjects of Hollywood movies like The Notebook and Still Alice. Vikram Phadnis is known to have the expertise in dealing with such subjects starting with Hrudayantar in 2017 when the family deals with their daughter suffering from cancer. The couple who was on the verge of collapsing till the dreaded ailment bring them together. The film seems half baked as the plot come along with too many breaks without making the audience understand what goes behind the divorce of the lady played by Barve and why her daughter’s custody was given to her ex-husband. But they remain cordial to each other despite the divorce. All you need to do is to guess what the plot is. The stranger motivates her to take up his first love – Photography to get rid of the ailment she is currently suffering from.

Amidst all this, you realize a subtle performance by Barve showcasing the roller-coaster emotions of a patient suffering from dementia. She has nailed it with her performance. Thanks to her performance, the flow of the film goes smooth rather than becoming a melodrama. Prasad Oak her ex-husband has played a decent role showcasing his dislike towards the stranger with his body language more than his words. Lalit Prabhakar as a stranger has also done a decent job and so was Satish Alekar and Vedashri Mahajan as Barve’s father and daughter respectively. The other elements like direction, music, photography, and editing along with other stuff remain okay and helps the entertainment value to boost up.

Smile Please The Last Word

It is a meaningful film with a positive message making a person with mental disease to revive the happiness that she has lost long back. It can be a worthy watch if you want to try something subtle performance to catch with a positive message.

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