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Rom Com Marathi Movie 2018

Rom Com Marathi Movie
Rom Com
  • Movie : Rom Com
  • Star Cast : Sarang Doshi, Madhura Vaidya, Ashok Shinde, Swati Pansare, Mrudula Vaibhav, Kishore Kadam, and Chhaya Kadam
  • Genre : Romance
  • Director : Gorakh Jogdande
  • Producer : Sachin Shinde
  • Studio : Dream Launcher Entertainment
  • Singer : Aadarsh Shinde, Anandi Joshi and Shail Hada
  • Music : Sajan Patel
  • Cinematography (DOP) : Aniket Karanjakar
  • Release Date : Coming Soon

Synopsis:  The M Town is not short of films, which are named with an English Title and the Movie called Rom Com is certainly not an exception. The film will have the interesting star cast, which goes like Sarang Doshi as Rahul, while Madhura Vaidya will be seen as Suman, who happen to be the lead roles of the film. The other actors in supporting and side roles include Ashok Shinde, Swati Pansare, Mrudula Vaibhav, Kishore Kadam, and Chhaya Kadam. The film happens to have a genre of romance, while the director of the film is the known filmmaker in M Town called Gorakh Jogdande. The film is produced by the man called Sachin Shinde under his own production company called Dream Launcher Entertainment. The film has songs and the playback singing was carried out by Aadarsh Shinde, Anandi Joshi and Shail Hada. The music of the film is carried out by Sajan Patel.

The Creative Director of the film is Mrudula Naik, while the executive producer was carriedout by Dilip Wagh and Anil Pawar and the co-producer of the film is Sushil Sharma. The Publicity Design for the film was carried out by Lalji Wagh (V&W Design) and Making and Stills was carried out by  Subhod Patidar. Now talking about the plot of the film it has a story which happens to be a love and romantic one found in between a young man called Rahul who is simply crazy about movies while Suman happens to come from a very a cultured family. Interestingly the lead actors in the lead roles are doing their first movie together hence it happens to be their key film in M Town. Stay tuned to know more about this film and others only with us and know more about it. And do comment on the same to air your views on it.

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