Why Riteish Deshmukh chose Lai Bhari for his debut in Marathi cinema?

Riteish Deshmukh

Riteish who is known for his comic acts in Bollywood surprisingly stepped into action , in fact loud action with his film Lai Bhari. The film is his home production and it became the highest grosser ever in Marathi cinema. Let’s take a close look at the reasons for the grand success of the film.

  1. Lai Bhari is a film that taps the rural and the urban side of Marathi culture. The film is rustic but still appeals to the city audiences. It is modern but is not obscure to the small town Marathi maanus or the old folks. In other words it is perfect blend for a regional cinema that all can enjoy.
  2. The double role act : Do double roles ever go out of fashion ? Naah. Though it is common now a days, but Riteish indeed succeeds at pulling off this one with a startling effect. Now that’s called double whammy for Riteish.
  3. The thrilling story : Lai Bhari has a story that is gripping and the thrilling fights and twists in the story takes one to the edge of the seat. Word of mouth definitely worked for the film.
  4. Lets not play down the contribution of the actress Radhika Apte. Though the film belongs to Riteish , Radhika played her part well and with a panache of her won.
  5. Guest appearances by Salman Khan and Genelia were truly a treat. Genelia was stunning and Salman leaves you speechless.
  6. Well.. Well.. Well.. Last but not the least, let’s not take the credit away from the man himself Riteish Deshmukh. The actor truly enthused all his acting skills and talent into the role that required efforts and we know how copiously the hard work paid him !

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