Reflection of the corporate world Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted

Reflection of the corporate world Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted
Reflection of the corporate world Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted

Corporate world means a blend of money and fame… This world shows larger dreams and the youth today puts everything at stake to achieve these dreams. This is all what we get to see in today’s world. Marathi cinema always sheds light on such usual issues. Director Dinesh Anant puts forward this issue that is faced by today’s generation in his upcoming movie Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted.

“We can see how today’s youth is attracted to the corporate field. This movie comments on every youth in this field that faces such problems. While living in this corporate world, these young people unknowingly keep going against the laws of nature and nature keeps replying to them in its own way. No matter how unpleasant this reply might be but this movie finds a positive outlook to get away from such situations”, is what the Director Dinesh Anant says.

This movie revolves around two characters that are a part of such corporate world. Pappi de Parula fame Smita Gondkar and Crime Patrol fame Rajendra Shisatkar play the role of a couple in this movie. “The youth can relate themselves while watching this movie which is produced under the Urvi Enterprises banner” assures the producer Bhupendra Rawal. So such a youth oriented Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted is releasing on this 23rd September all over Maharashtra

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