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Rama Raghav

Rama Raghav Colors Marathi

Star castAishwarya Shete, Nikhil damle
TV Channel – Colors Marathi
Director: N/A
Timing – 9.30 PM
Days – Sat to Fri
Release date – 9 January 2022
Total Episode: N/A

Rama Raghav is an upcoming television show on Colors Marathi, set to be released on 9 January 2023. This show is based on the life of Rama. It will explore the psychological and social aspects of his life, and how his actions impacted the people around him. The show will also delve into the various theories surrounding his motivations and his eventual capture.

Rama Raghav has the potential to be a powerful and thought-provoking show. It could potentially shed light on the psychological motivations, as well as the social impact of their actions. It could also provide insight into the various theories surrounding Rama Raghav’s motivations and capture. Additionally, it could provide an interesting look into the late 19th century, as well as the people and events that shaped it.

Conquering the world with effort, doing what she wants, Rama is coming to the audience with this series Bold and Beautiful. Aishwarya Shete will be seen in the role of Rama in the serial. Sai Ranade, Sheetal Kshirsagar will also play important roles in it. Aishwarya Shete made her debut in Phula Sugandha Maticha a few months ago. Played a supporting role in the series Almost Sufal Sampurna and Phulala Sugandha Mati. Colors Marathi has given her an opportunity to play a lead role in its new serial. So this role is going to be very special for Aishwarya. Along with this serial, the new serial Priticha Vanva Uri Petla will be ready to entertain the audience.

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