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Rama Madhav Box Office Collection Open With Lower Occupancy

Rama Madhav box office

Rama Madhav has been released this 8th August’ 2014all over Maharashtra its opening has been wonderful according to the producers. It is said to have a very big star cast and a great love story of a warrior and his lady love, including her sacrifice for the husband. It is an emotional movie that does touch the heart of every individual and is considered to be an historical epic.

This movie is based on the biography of the Peshwa Madhav Road and Rama Bai, his wife. It is a very unique type of historical story of love that is related to the life of the Maratha warrior and that of his emperor. Mrinal Kulkarni has directed this movie and Shivam, Jemin Enterprise Pvt. Ltd., is its producer. Almost every shooting of this particular movie has been shot in Pune’s Shanivar Wada. The entire set of the movie appears mammoth and has a rich look. The dialogues, screenplay and story is written by Manaswini L R and Mrinal Kulkarni. The Marathi language that is used in the movie dates back to the 17th and 18th Century that was used during this period. This is what makes the movie much more unique and compels the audience to watch it. This movie is slated to do very good at the theaters and set a record in the Marathi Cine industry. The movie is related to the Peshwa era and the story is carried on different places at different times and their immense faith in God. Overall it is completely an exciting movie, filled with romance, action and entertainment with knowledge of what had taken place in those bygone times.

The opening at all the counters has been houseful and better collection is expected as the days pass by. It is more through word of mouth and promotions that the movie has gained popularity among the movie goers.

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