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Rakhandar Movie Review : God Plays the Savior


Rakhandar is a story about a benevolent youngster named, Sadanand who always goes out of his way to help others. Thanks to this rare quality that is hard to find in today’s times and his great devotion for lord Vishnu, the almighty favors him now and then by visiting him in the form of a human whenever he is in trouble. God answers your prayers and e delivers you from hardships and troubles. This is what the film has to tell us.

Sadanad played by Jitendra Joshi and Khushaba played by Ajinkya Deo are the lead characters in the film. Sadanand, who is kicked out of his job, is forced to take up his father’s profession that is cobbling. One day Khushaba enters his house with a shoe to be mended and we later discover that he is none but God himself who has stepped in to help Sadanand out from his troubles. Thereafter God interferes “ personally “ into all his matters and guides him to create his way out of all the troubles. How this shapes up Sadanand’s life for good and how he copes up with his problems is interesting to watch.

A cobbler and God’s entry to his house is remindful of the celebrated Russian writer Leo Tolstoy ‘s short story “ That Whereby Man lives “ . But there are no further connections established in the film.

The story is rather old fashioned for today’s audience. The story has a good subject but has not been treated in an interesting manner that could have saved the film. The film suffers with its narration that is a simply boring and slow. The script needed to be much more concise and the editing is poor. Neither music nor cinematography adds any impact to the story. The dragging length and bad script renders the film low on the entertainment quotient. But talking about the positive side, Rakhandar has a subject is creative which could have scripted and edited in a much better way.

The performances by lead actors Jitendar Joshi and Ajinkya Deo are commendable but that doesn’t save the film. The director , Mrualinni Dayal Patil, has not succeeded in dealing with the subject skillfully.

The film has nothing in it that can attract audience and can be easily missed for a better one.

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