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Baavare Prem He Review : Love , Drama and Surprises !

Baavare Prem He

Love stories never go out of trend. Baavre Prem He is a touching love story that has you glued to your seats till the end. The story with the backdrop of melodious music and idyllic beauty of the beaches of Goa is a beautiful tale of finding true love despite of many obstacles. The path to love was never easy and it always twists and turns. For Neil and Ananya love unfolds like a surprise and takes them to unexpected routes. The journey of the couple in their discovery of the enduring love is Baavre Prem He.

Neil , played by Siddharth , is a well read young man who has landed in Goa on an unplanned visit. Before he could even know Ananya better as a person, he ends up in an argument with her. Later Neil realizes the frivolity of the incident and accepts his fault and after much contemplation apologizes to her . The matter ends here but thereafter begins a new tale of lingering feelings of attraction and mesmerism. Neil returns back home from Goa but is left restless with his attraction for the girl. This internal struggle leads him back to Goa in search of Ananya and rekindle the relationship. How does Ananya take his advances and does he share his feelings too?

Is it yet another cheeky love story that can be predicted in and out? You need to watch the film to discover how different it is from the conventional ones. One thing is for sure you will not be disappointed with this simple yet gripping story that has characters and incidents that we all can connect to. The best thing about Baavre Prem He is its unpretentious treatment to a story that has many shades. But the skill fully written script keeps the story contrite and simple.

The role of music is critical in a love story. Baavre Prem He has scintillating music that keeps the momentum going smoothly. Director, Ajay Naik, has brought out all the intricacies of the story beautifully. Naik has also composed beautiful music for the film. Performances by Siddharth and Urmila Kanetkar are worth appreciation.

Last Words for Baavare Prem He Review

For all lovers of love stories, this is one with a backdrop set in the locales of Goa with heart touching music and excellent performances.

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