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Pyaar Wali Love Story Review

Pyar Wali Love Story

What can be most disappointing about a love story is its predictability and its lack of novelty. Swapnil Joshi and Sai Tamhankar starrer Pyaar Wali Love Story suffers with the same fault and fails to impress. Although if one is a diehard romantic and an eternal believer in love you should not mind giving this one a chance Since there is no lack of drama and music in it promises entertainment. But if at all there is something it lacks most it is a sensible story. All the movie has to offer us is cliched romantic sequences and scenes clearly inspired from classic romances like DDLG. I wonder if it isn’t yet time that filmmakers should consider making something original in order to express their creativity.

So what sort of a love story is Pyaar Wali Love Story? Romeo Juliet type or the opposites attract type? In no time you will find out that the story is based on communal differences and religion friction. The boy is Hindu and the girl a muslim.What follows is communal riots. The love of the two youngsters will flower amidst this violence but how? The later half of the story unfolds the fact that true love will go to any length.

Sai Tamhankar and Swapnil Joshi have got a sizzling chemistry between them. In fact the film is watchable owing to the lead pair. Had they been placed in a better backdrop and plot, the actors would have truly impressed us. The other actors in supporting roles namely Urmila Kantekar and Upendra Limaye are also impressive. Limaya plays a rogue named Kadar Bhai and he pulls off his act wonderfully well. Comic scenes which are quite few in the movie are enjoyable. The story of a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy failing in love in a college provides a backdrop for interesting characterization and campus banters. All the masala have been aptly sprinkled on this love story.

What you take home from the movie? Splendid acting performances by the lead actors and supporting actors is the worth a watch. Music is enjoyable.

Pyaar Wali Love Story is not a love story with a difference. But it is good in bits and pieces. For a weekend out to unwind oneself, it is good a choice.

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