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Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Movie Review

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Movie

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Review :

Director -Satish Rajwade

Star castSwapnil Joshi, Mukta Barve, Prashant Damle, Mangal Kenkre

Genre -Romantic Drama

Producer – Sanjay Chhabria

Production Studio– 52 Friday Cinemas and Everest Entertainment

Story – Pallavi Rajwade

Music – Avinash Vishwajeet and Nilesh Moharir

Rating – 3


The film happens to be the third part of the popular franchise called Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai. Thus the story starts from where it has stopped in the second part of the film. The story of the deals with the life of the star cast after marriage and the way they have planned to pursue their life after getting tied up. They learn how things change once they are going on their family way. The film is romantic comedy, which has its own way of moving ahead, catch it in the nearby theatres.

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3


The first part of this popular M Town franchise came nine years before and as the third part released, it remains still fresh in the minds of the audience. The film works purely with its interesting and unique content and the kind of chemistry it shares by the lead actors in it. The cracking and simple chemistry holds the audience attention. However, anyone who has gone through the trailer can find this film predictable and easy to understand. Despite the fact that you can predict the film yet it remains interesting to catch. Also, there are other key reasons behind catching up this film first is the star cast performance and the way the makers have implemented the movie.

The talented star cast comprising of Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve have done a decent job while playing the lead roles. Also, their family members too have played their decent roles in the movie. Needless to talk about Prashant Damle and the way he has entertained the audience in a big way with his perfect comic timing. The downside of the film is the baby narration carried out in animated way. The other flaw in the film is the unwanted dragging of a couple of scenes allowing the audience to take a look break. The other elements like music, script, story, screenplay and editing went smooth helping to gain some points for the entertainment value.

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 -The Last word

So, wit all said and done, we can find the Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 still be a worthy watch this weekend. It can have a few downs but there are too many ups as well making the film interesting enough to be your catch.

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