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Mumbai man arrested for allegedly stalking producer Ekta Kapoor

According to reports provided by The Hindustan Times, a 32-year-old man was arrested for alleged stalking of the popular film and TV producer named Ekta Kapoor. The man was arrested on Monday and is employed with a cab aggregator. The accused named Sudhir Rajendra Singh had been following Miss Kapoor for 30+ times which include a visit to the Juhu Temple & her gym.

Police also stated that the accused Sudhir wanted to be friends with her & acquire a job in her firm. As per reports, he was arrested right after Kapoor filed her complaint. In his quote, a police official stated that they received complaint stating that Kapoor had been repeatedly trying to ignore this man but Sudhir continued following her all across the Mumbai city.

The recently incident of this stalking took place just some days ago when Ekta visited a temple located in Juhu and Singh kept following her with an effort to approach. However, he was stopped before he could by the security guards.

Despite receiving warnings from the guards, he waited for Ekta outside the gym she visits regularly. The police officials from Amboli have registered the FIR against him and opted for help from technical surveillance which eventually tracked him to a location in Veera Desai Road.

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