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T-Series defeats PewDiePie as Most Popular Channel on YouTube

Amid the rustle and tussle that has been taking the internet by storm, the recent news of PewDiePie losing to T-Series is surely good news for the Indian fans.  These two channels have been competing in a neck-to-neck level for quite some time. Felix Kjellberg, the owner of YouTube Channel named PewDiePie for quite some time held the record for being World’s Most Popular YouTube Channel for a term of 6 years.

Initially, T-Series was predicted to acquire this crown from Felix in the month of October. However, PewDiePie fans managed to help him in a move to be on top via multiple campaigns and even hacking various printers all around the world.

While T-Series eventually defeated PewDiePie, its success has also proved to be controversial for many creators. The sudden increase in the position of this Indian Music Label is because of the increased number of users in YouTube. However, most of the creators see this as a move by YouTube to increase the commercialization of this platform.

Most critics dub that this rise in the rank of T-Series shows that YouTube is now turning back to its independent creators that make up for a major section of this platform for sharing videos.

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