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Mohan Chabhiwala Part 1 – Ullu Originals

Ullu Originals : Mohan Chabhiwala

Director : Punit Goyal
Cast : Gaurav (Chabhiwala),IshikaBose (Ritika),Ekta (Kanta),Dilip Dubey (Vijay)

“Mohan Chabhiwala – Ullu Originals” is a web series produced by the streaming platform Ullu. The series follows the story of Mohan, a young man who works as a delivery boy and dreams of becoming a successful businessman. However, he finds himself embroiled in a web of deceit and corruption after he falls in love with a woman named Radha.

Behind every locked door is a dark secret hidden, and Mohan chabiwala holds the key to every such door. Mohan works as a keymaker, and in the process of doing so, he unravels some dark secrets of the women for which he works and then blackmails each one of them to get his sexual desires fulfilled.

The series explores themes such as love, ambition, greed, and betrayal, and features a cast of talented actors. However, it is worth noting that some of the content on Ullu and other streaming platforms may not be suitable for all viewers, and it is important to exercise discretion when choosing what to watch.

Mohan Chabhiwala Trailer :

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