Marathi film ‘Disco Sannya’ ready to release next month

disco-sannya-marathi-movies to release in June

The upcoming Marathi movie called ‘Disco Sannya’, which is produced under the banner of Vakav Films, is all set to hit the screens. And as per the sources, the film is set to hit the theatres in June 2016. The film is Disco Sanya is the debut venture of Vakav Films. The title of the movie simply adds up the curiosity elements for Marathi film lovers as the promotional song of the movie is being given by the veteran singer called Avadhoot Gupte, while Sachin Purohit and Abhijeet Kawthalkar have produced the film with film director called Niyaj Mujawar.

The lyrics of the film is penned by Niyaz Mujawar, which is all set to lilting tunes by Abhijit Kawthalkar and Sachin Purohit. The veteran singers like Adarsh Shinde, Rishabh Purohit, Nandesh Umap and Shabab Sabari have rendered these songs. The Story and Screenplay of the film have been carried out by Niyaz Mujawar,  Sachin Purohit and Abhijit Kawthalkar with dialogues by Niyaz Mujawar.  Sandeep Patil is the director of photography, while Bhowmik Shah has choreographed the film and Siddhartha Tatuskarwho happens to be the Art Director. The costumes are been designed by Ms. Purti Kulkarni and Make up by Mr. Santosh Gilbile. The story is still be revealed to keep the intrigue element at high level.

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