Shahrukh Khan To Do His Cameo In Marathi Movie ‘Dhanak’

Shahrukh Khan in Marathi Cinema

Have you ever you seen the race of tow mouse? Noooo! So, it’s time for countdown to begin, a race between the legendary actors of Bollywood, Yes! you guessed it right, It’s the Dabangg ‘Salman Khan’ one on one with the King ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ either or overtaking themselves in Bollywood, I guess you still remembered the stunning appearance of our ‘Sallu Bhai’ on ‘Riteish Deshmukh’ initial step movie Lai Bhaari which smashed the box office collection.

However, the picture actually comes into play, as its time for the Marathi cinemas to welcome the Bollywood King ‘Shah Rukh Khan’. Who’s is ready to set, to do his cameo in Marathi film ‘Dhanak’, a movie which is a remake of an Iranian film ‘Besak‘, under the direction of ‘Nagesh Kukunoor’, Though, it’s just a beginning for king khan but a change for the Marathi lovers as well. In addition to this, this might be just an appearance of Bollywood stars in Marathi cinemas. But, who knows a day would come up with some surprises of, Marathi movies getting flooded with Bollywood celebrities!

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