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Hampi Movie Review

Hampi Movie Review

Star Cast – Sonalee, Lalit Prabhakar, Prajakta Mali, Priyadarshan Jadhav, Vijay Nikam, Chhaya Kadam

Director – Prakash Kunte

Genre: Romance

Run Time– 1 hour 40 minutes

Rating – 3.0


The film is all about a skeptical young girl who visits  Hampi and ends up finding answers to many of her questions that have been troubling her. In this process of self discovery, she come in touch with a young man who might just be the perfect match for her. So, what happens, does her self discovery and answers for the questions will also lead to a life partner, these things are interesting to catch in the nearest cinema.


First things first, the film is all about the location, Hampi, which happens to be the erstwhile Vijaynagar Empire. The film by Prakash Kunte gives the audience the best and the first-hand view of the gorgeous  ruins of the town. The photography not only sets Hampi as a key character but it also transports you to the city. So, if you catch the film you simply end up planning your visit to this place called Hampi. So, if the makers have this very intention about the film, then they have succeeded in it, while the genre which they have portrayed seems to be dull for obvious reasons. As the characters in the film takes you a philosophical trip of self realisation at times is is seen gorgeously imbibed the meaningful dialogues but at the same time, it ends up giving the viewer’s mind.

Now, talking about the lead actors of the film, the film are known to give respective roles. We see the lead actress Sonalee bringing authenticity to her role while Lalit is seen at a great ease while playing the character of a charming Kabir and his performance seems perfect and not forced. Priyadarshan Jadhav as R Ranjit and Prajakta Mali as Isha’s friend Girija seemed convincing, however, Vijay Nikam in the supporting cast in the cool Shankar role steals the show. The other elements seemed better and somewhere helps to increase the entertainment value of the movie.

Hampi The Last Word

Though one may fail to call Hampi to be an engaging movie, however, there is lot to take away from it. This can certainly prove out to be a one time watch and if you are a fan of this place, you have reasons to catch the movie to often.

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