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Dashakriya Movie Review


Movie – Dashakriy

Star Cast – Aarya Adhav, Manoj Joshi, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Milind Phatak, Aditi Deshpande, Uma Sardeshmukh

Direction: Sandeep Bhalchandra Patil

Genre: Drama

Run Time – 2 hours 7 minutes

Rating – 3.5


The film is based on the novel of Baba Bhand with the same name, Dashakriya talks about the exploitation, which is carried out  in the name of gaining ‘moksha’.


In one sentence, if you summarise the entire movie , it would be ‘Nothing is sacred anymore’. However, the film Dashakriya talks about the social fabric of a town where families are struggling for the basics. The film is all about presenting  the issues of exploitation for one class to the other, rather talking about community in particular, which makes the director Sandeep Patil the big winner. However, one can find a few issues in the film, which comes in the form of songs that hampers the central theme of the movie, while the uneven presentation movie with average performances except the few like Aarya Adhav, as Bhanya, who delivers a very mature kind of performance with hints of childishness. But of all Manoj Joshi wins the race with his incredible performances.  The other elements like music, photography, direction and screenplay seemed okay which somewhere increased the entertainment value of the movie. Secondly, even the film embarked with a message, it fails somewhere at the technical ends.

Dashakriy The Last Word

Though the film may lag behind in several aspects but the plot seems impressive. The director has left no stone unturned to give a unique and interesting movie for the B Town audience. After all one can find the film does not hurting the religious sentiments, well the fact is it is all about the retrospect. The M Town audience has therefore some tangible movie to catch. Do, let us know your views and comments about the film.

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