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Gharo ghari matichya chuli

Gharo ghari matichya chuli 2024

Cast : Reshma Shinde
Release date : Feb 5 2024
Director :
Producer :
Channel : Star Pravah

Marathi serials featuring diverse storylines are gaining popularity, attracting the preferences of viewers. Soon, a new series titled “Gharoghari Matichya Chuli” is set to meet viewers. Reshma Shinde takes on a leading role in this series. Previously, she appeared in “Rang Majha Vegla,” which resonated well with viewers and topped the TRP charts. Now, Reshma is ready to dazzle audiences once again.

Renowned poet Vimal Limaye’s poem “Ghar Asave Gharasarkhe” serves as a familiar introduction to all. This poem prompts introspection and emphasizes the significance of relationships. The upcoming series draws inspiration from this poem, promising to deliver fresh perspectives on relationships and their importance.

Named after the series, “Gharoghari Matichya Chuli” encapsulates the essence of the storyline. It delves into the intricacies of familial bonds within households, highlighting the importance of familial relationships. The series reflects the ethos of maintaining family unity amidst challenges, resonating with audiences.

Speaking about “Gharoghari Matichya Chuli,” Satish Rajwade remarked, “The stories depicted in the series resonate deeply with viewers. The series captures the essence of everyday life, portraying relatable situations. While the series may tackle tough subjects, it ultimately emphasizes the strength of familial bonds and unity.”

Furthermore, actor Reshma Shinde, essaying the character Janaki, plays a pivotal role in the series. Speaking about her role, Reshma expressed, “Janaki is a simple, understanding, and compassionate character who values family unity. Her beliefs stem from traditional family values, emphasizing the importance of togetherness. The series explores the complexities of familial relationships and the bonds that tie them together.”

Notable actors such as Savita Prabhune, Pramod Pawar, Uday Nene, Bhakti Desai, Sunil Godse, and child artist Arohi Sambre are part of the stellar cast of “Gharoghari Matichya Chuli.” Produced by Soham Productions and directed by Rahul Lingayat, the series promises to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and stellar performances.

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