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Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi

Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi posterChuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi Overview

Producor : Viju Mane
Director : Viju Mane
Studio : Viju Mane Productions
Star Cast : Jitendra Joshi, Makarand Anaspure, Mrunmayee Deshpande, Hemangi Kavi – Dumal, Uday Sabnis
Music : Chinar-Mahesh, Soham Pathak
Cinematographer : Shabbir Naik
Genre : Road Movie
Release Date : Na

With the fames of “ Sharyat” and “khel Mandla”, director Viju Mane, is running through tight schedules shooting for his upcoming movie Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi. The movie is scheduled to release by the last quarter of the ongoing year.

As for its genre, this movie relates to the road movie, something we get to see very popular with the Hollywood movies. Joining hands with Chintamani Bhide, the director had invested a span of one and a half years to give structure to the screenplay of the movie. The movie shows the embarking of the central character in course of journey. This turns out to be the time to get accustomed with varieties of people and their life and culture. The move ends with various unexpected events resulting to the paradigm shift of the central character with his point of view to life. The consequences of these evenst also ring some changes in the approach that the character had to life before on setting the journey. Thus, the course of journey gets symbolized with the walk of life that constant changes to mature and widen up as more and more we experience.

The castings of the lead roles had been made with Jitendra Joshi and Markand Anaspure. The list of casting also includes the names of Mrunmayee Deshpande, Seema Deo, Ramesh Deo, Viju Khote, Uday Sabins, Piyush Ranade and several others.

Tough the plot close resembles the Hollywood pro-style, as per the director, the spirit had been imbibed while the body had been kept indigenous. Thus, the audience shall be able to closely and easily relate the story with their respective lives. It shall be the waiting for just few days, before the movie hits the floor and the fate get decided in the hands of the audience. Tough, the entire unit is confident of staging a good show.

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