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Catch the One Way Ticket Song – Hura Hura

One way ticket teaser released

The makers of Marathi movie song called One Way Ticket after releasing a couple of teasers and posters have embarked with a song this time. The film is gearing up for its release very soon and it releases on 23rd September 2016 and makers have released over more song from this movie.

The song Hura Hura is composed by Gaurav Dagavkar, while the voice is given by Kshitjiwagh & Orunima Bhattacharya that remains out to be a gem to listen, while the song is jotted down by Asheini Shendye who has tried to put the right soul with his amazing words. The song happens to be very much emotional revolving loneliness and heart breaking things along with solitude.

In the song you can find Kshitij performing so well in the said song and has rightly portrayed the emotions with great effects. The choreography of this song simply showcases a kind of love and Dashmeer Mahajani. The vulnerable face of Shashank simply portrays the emotions of people with heavy heart so nicely.

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