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bikers adda review

Lowly Performance, common script and poor direction makes the film bad to worst

The Marathi Cinema has been gearing up all the time to embark with different movies and this week it has embarked with another called Biker’s Adda. The film is directed by Rajesh Latkar, while produced by Veejay Haria & Pramod Lokhande under the banner of Shree Navkar Films. The film has Santosh Juvekar, Shrikant Moghe, Prarthana Behere, Hrishikesh Mandke and Jai Aditya Giri in the lead roles along with Devendra Bhagat, Anirudha Harip, Nikhil Rajeshirke and Tanvi Kishore in the supporting role. The music comes from Vishi & Nimo, while the cinematography is carried out Shakil A Khan. The film falls under youth and action genre, which the title itself suggests. Now, time to have a review of the film as under:


The film is based on a bunch of college friends who are passionate bikers. Except Abhi, all the other guys belong to affluent families, while the other three Salim, Rishi and Vicky are orphans who are raised by the man called Krish played by Jai Aditya Giri the bike garage owner whom they all call like their elder brother. This man is behind giving training on biking repair skills along with giving lessons of earning with honesty and dignity. Vicky played by Santosh Javekar is an expert biker is known to contribute from the job to Krish to run his orphanage, which was established by his father who is a retired doctor played by Shrikant Moghe. Krish often advises to be away from the gang of Bikers as they are often involved in lethal stunts and races. However, Vicky and his friends are often on the toe to prove their skills on the roads. Amidst all, Vicky and his Biker’s gangs end up getting into a fight with the local mafia due to his girlfriend and soon seen treading the path of drugs, fixing and betting.

Script Analysis

The film does have some good points to highlight, as it sends across a message to all those in this profession, to stay away from drugs and betting. Also the presentation part of the film is good, as a lot of attention has been paid to capturing the best action moments, through expert handling of camera by Shakil Khan. The costumes designed for all the artistes by Chaitrali Dongre are perfectly suited to the characters. Santosh Juvekar finds a suitable role and he has done full justice to this angry young man character. Another artiste who looks very realistic is Jai Aditya Giri, a model and biker in real life. Prarthana Behere has very limited scope in this film; but she looks really good in her scenes nevertheless. Veteran Shrikant Moghe has very little to do in this film. Among others, good support comes from Devendra Bhagat and Anirudh Harip.

Star Performances

The film has a slew of actors in the lead role, which is mostly played by the young actors in the industry. Hence to expect a power packed performance is simply next to impossible to witness. These include Devendra Bhagat, Anirudha Harip, Nikhil Rajeshirke and Tanvi Kishore in the lead role, who didn’t were seen at par when it comes to quality performance. This is because all of them can be called as the novices; hence getting the perfection isn’t that simple. Similar is the story with the supporting roles, they are mismanaged and doesn’t appear that par unlike they are supposed to be seen on the silver screen. Perhaps it’s the director to be blamed for the wrong choice or being lagged behind in extracting the best these actors.

Direction, Screenplay, Music and Technical Stuff

The director Rajesh Latkar has failed to make an action drama keeping the bikers at the centre. Despite his focus on action elements of the film, he failed to impress the audience, perhaps this endeavour proved as a detractor for him to get the best out of the actors. The script of the film seemed too common, which makes the audience to easily guess what happens the next. Though you may find the stunts and action a bit interesting but soon end up getting bored seeing the same being repeated too often. However, the elements like sound, design and stunts went perfect to a great extent saving the film to completely fail.

Biker’s Adda Final Words :

Biker’s Adda is essentially a youth genre action film but unfortunately is pitted with dull script, low content and farce direction. The first half seemed a bit okay, but the next one sound very familiar to other films made on this genre. Right from poor performances to lowly kind of music and script, the film is pitted with loads of flaws, which are hard to digest by the audience giving too many loo breaks to the audience. If you really want to catch a Marathi Cinema this weekend then there’s hardly any choice for you other than Biker’s Adda, however, do not expect anything like Dhoom in the film.

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