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Bikers Adda First Day Box Office Collection

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Those expectations which were just grooming around the globe, apart from the critics, the movie finally turned out to be on the floor. Indeed, it’s about the notching attention movie Biker’s Adda a smashing Marathi flick that not only dragged ones attention but also created a waves of eagerness inside the hearts of watchers and fans just before its release i.e. with its promos and tracks. Featuring the stunning stars cum bikers i.e. Santosh Juvekar, Prarthana Behere, Shrikant Moghe, Hrishikesh Mandke, Shrikant Wattamwar, Rahulraj Dongare, Nikhil Rajeshirke, Devendra Bhagat, Anirudh Hariip Jai Aditya Giri and the one n only Tanvie Kishore as leading stars. Under the directions of Rajesh Latkar, the movie touch the sliver screens yesterday itself and is rolling around the globe with a sparking collection. Let’s have a brief of that quickly.

Being crazy about biking and even a stunt guy, one can easily understand the craziness and an unbelievable addicting love behind it, thus the same way goes with the peaking cum sparking collection of the movie which seems to have a stunning future that can make history. Despite the movie has taken a single step on the floor, however the waves doesn’t seems like it will get easily vanished from the globe thus based on the response on its first day the movie is expected to touch 1Crore worldwide

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