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Balance Marathi Movie Review

Balance marathi movie

Balance Movie Review

Director: Swaroop Vaishali Balasaheb Sawant

Star cast:  Harish Thorat, Richi Jain, Tushar Gijre, Radhika Pisal, and Dr.Shirish Shepal

Producer(s): Vaishali Sawant

Production Studio: Royal Samruddhi Associates

Writer: Akshay Sapkal

Genres: Drama

ScreenPlay: Swaroop Vaishali Balasaheb Sawant

Music: Sagar Shinde

Cinematographer (DOP): Sharuk Sayyed


The film deals with a bunch of teengers and the way they are dealt with their fathers. Some appear strict, while others go callous in allowing their sons to tread the wrong path. Somewhere both the strict and lenient parents tend to fail in having the right balance in their approach, which end up allowing their teenage sons to lose their path. So, what really goes is interesting to catch in the nearby cinema.


Dealing with teenagers’ issue is a sensible job, it requires balance, poise and patience. Maintaining the right poise is the mantra of the game, which eventually made the makers to adopt the title – Balance for the film. The film has touched an important subject, however, the way the director has dealt with it has made the film lose his coherence. Besides, there are other several issues like shaky camera work, technical flaws, and poor execution have made things bad to worse. In other words, the overall efforts seemed to naive and half baked thus hampering the quality and entertainment value of the film in a big way.

All the leading and supporting actors including the ones playing the fathers’ role and the teenagers’ roles need to brush up their skills. This means the starcast too failed to do the job, which they are supposed to carry out with vigor and balance. Tushar and Shirish playing the role of fathers too have failed to impress the audience. While on the other side, Rishi and Harish too had failed to offer the right balance that were required to do a decent film. As said there are many more technical glitches that fails the movie to get a decent review including in all the departments like screenplay, music, editing, camera and other things.

Balance The Last Word

The film Balance loses its balance in many ways, right from the flawed acting, screenplay, direction and photography, the makers have to re-work on many things in order to embark upon the best of the results for the film. So, if you are planning to catch this film, make sure you catch it at your own risk.

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