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Mumbai Apli Ahe Movie Review

Mumbai Apli Ahe

Mumbai Apli Ahe Review :

Director: Bharat Sunanda
Star cast – Rakesh Bapat, Kishori Shahane, Ganesh Khade, Minal Patil, Iqbal Khan, Arun Nalavade, Suhas Palshikar, Sanjivani Jadhav
Writer: Bharat Sunanda
Genres:  Drama
Producer(s): Surekha Vaman Patil
Production Studio: Vansh Enterprises & Vaman Patil
ScreenPlay: Vinod Jadhav, Bharat Sunanda
Dialogues: Bharat Sunanda
Duration: 130 min.
Rating – 2.5
The film is made at the backdrop of Bombay of nineties dealing with a small-time criminal Raja played by Rakesh Bapat. The film showcases the journey of the petty criminal to become a full-time notorious don of the city. So, what it goes inside would be interesting to catch in the nearby theatres.
The film starts with a good punch; however, this does not long last, and it falls to lose the grip for the audience becoming dull soon. The rage and passion in which the film starts in incredible but the makers failed to maintain the ryhtm of the film. We could see the makers recreating the Robinhood kind of character of a petty criminal who does all wrong, but when it comes to his place or area where he lives, he remains the messiah of it. In a sense, this theme remains the age-old drama and has been used in the film industry a couple of times with few of the changes. On the strong side, the film is able to showcase how Mumbai dominated the Gundas and Mafia in the late nineties, but with passing time, things turned and now we have something different.
We also could see someone based in Dubai is ruling Mumbai but with small time and local goons emerge, they come up with the challenge that the city of Mumbai still belong to someone who is from its soil and not for people who are based outside. Though we see the film losing at many places yet the screenplay and execution part still have saved the money at many places. The performance of the lead actors in the film seemed okay as Bapat playing Raja failed to showcase the consistency. And hence it has somewhere failed to boost up the entertainment value of the movie. The other elements like music, direction, editing, photography and other stuff remained okay somewhere helping the makers to have some entertainment value. But the fact remains the same, it could have been better than the current ones.

Mumbai Apli Ahe The last word 

Conceptually the film Mumbai Apli Ahe has less to deliver. Though many thought that with a strong trailer one can expect a good film. For such people it’s a dismaying experience to catch the film. All we can say is it is the extension of the earlier movies made on similar subjects.

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