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Aa Bb KK Marathi Movie Review

Aa Bb KK movie

Movie – Aa Bb KK 

Director – Ramkumar Shedge 

Star cast – Suniel Shetty, Tamannaah, Maithili Patwardhan, Vijay Patkar, Kishor Kadam and Sunny Pawar

Genre – Socail Drama 

Producer – Meher Sudhir Kulkarni 

Studio – Vencobb Films

Ratings – 2.5 


The film has somewhat a reincarnation of the film Children Of Heaven by Majid Majidi’s  which deals around the challenging lives of orphaned siblings called Hari played by Sahil Joshi and Jani played by Maithili Patwardhan. The two aspire to fight poverty and the societal apathy for educating and empowering themselves. Somewhere the film showcases the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Beti Padhao Beti Bachao Andolan so what happens next will the kids able to get rid of their poverty or not would be interesting to explore.


The social drama failed to impress the audience as it seemed to be muddled with pro-government propaganda along with some unnecessary cameos by many like the B Town stars Suniel Shetty and Tamannaah Bhatia. The film however, showcases an important message that we still live in an era where we consider our girls and daughters to be ill-fated. In a sense it went on to give this powerful message though at times we felt the film really going too preachy and boasting with the same. So, apart from getting a tangible message, the film also has some of the brilliant performance by the children particularly the child actor Sahil Joshi.

Some of the scenes in the film are poignant and even provocative to move you even to tears. Also, the M Town movie also makes you feel that there are miracles and kindness of human hearts are waiting to happen but at the same time one can find too many random elements in the story, which keeps on distracting constantly from the core message of the film. Besides, the film deals with hordes of issues which include gender equality, girl education and female infanticide are some of the social issues that seemed to have been touched upon by the makers. However, it was not handled subtly, which somewhere makes the movie eventually appears like any public service advertisement, which it was seen doing to a certain extent.

Aa Bb KK The Last Word 

The film though showcases the girl education drive initiated by Indian Prime Minister Modi, however, it went on to fall down like his speeches which has too much of boasting of his government and acts. The movie could have been made more subtly but it seems that taking resort on the Modi’s idea did not help the makers. But if you tend to overlook this blatant branding, this movie can be a worth a watch.

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