Vijay Tendulkar’s Kamla to be recreated on TV

Vijay Tendulkar

One of the most revered play writers in Marathi Vijay Tendulkar’s drama Kamla which was highly acclaimed and was also made into a film in 1985 is all set to be recreated on television now.

 The 9185 movie version of Kamla starred Deepti Naval in the title role and Shabana Azmi played another leading character. Kamla on the television will be a different take on the story that is about a village and its women who are sexually exploited under the sham of religious and cultural customs. Kamla, the pivotal character will be portrayed by the television actress Ashwini Kasar. Deepti Ketkar will play the character of Sharayu from whose point of view the story will take shape.

Though the serial is a candid adaptation of the play the point of view and treatment of the story is different. Sharayu , the wife of Devashish will be a more prominent character than it was in the original work. The play focused on the life of a village in Maharashtra where a journalist decides to follow a woman named Kamla to expose the prevalent sexual exploitation of poor village women. The play was a highly acclaimed work by Vijay Tendulkar that still stands out in Marathi Theater.

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