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Ventilator 1st Week Box Office Report


The Priyanka Chopra first venture in M Town called Ventilator has done well over the box office. The film has the presence in the media with a good hype only due to the involvement of Pee Cee who is now a global icon considering her debut film called Baywatch in Hollywood and of course the TV series called Quantico that has reached into the second edition.

Considering the presence of Pee Cee her first Marathi movie is really doing waves in the media. Considering the same, the film has not only done better over the box office but at the same time has done a decent collection not just over the first day but also the first weekend and thus in the first week as well.

As per reports, the first week box office collection for Marathi movie Ventilator tolled to around 16.50 crore, which is really a good amount. Considering the solo release of the film and positive rating of the movie, the film really enjoyed a good rapport over the media translating into a good collection at the end of the first week.


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