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Ventilator Marathi movie 1st Weekend Box Office Report

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The M Town was waiting to see the release of the most hyped Marathi movie called Ventilator. After all, it marked the debut of Priyanka Chopra in terms of a produced in the Marathi Cinema. The film has gathered a decent amount of buzz in the media. Thanks to the involvement of global icons like Priyanka Chopra who made her mark in the media in making things visible everywhere. Considering a good buzz in the media, the film has managed to do better not just on the first day but all the two days of the first weekend of its release.

As per reports, the first day collection tolled to around 2.5 crores, which went similar on the second day as well, however, there was a steep high collection seen in on the third day tolling to around 4.2 crores. Thus if you add up all the three days the first weekend box office collection for Ventilator tolled to around 9.5 crores, which is indeed a good collection in terms of response and business. The movie has managed to get a decent rating at most of the critics’ place that has given all together a good word of mouth buzz for the media.

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