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John Abraham hints his debut Marathi movie to hit floor soon


John Abraham has something really big news for the M Town, which he shared with the audience present at the trailer launch of the Marathi movie called Fugay. He wished the film and after checking the trailer of the same, he said that the film will certainly do a good business for sure. Besides congratulating the director of the movie Swapna Waghmare, he announced his debut Marathi movie venture too is hitting the floors son. He then said that he is lucky to work with director in the coming future while he will remain the producer of the same.

He said that he belongs to Mumbai and very well accustomed with the Marathi language. He said that he is a Marathi Mulga who though has studied in Bombay Scottish School but also has many hard core mumbaikar to his friends and knows the language as well though may not be good in its grammar but okay with it. He then said he is planning to hit his own venture soon in M Town and later said that Bollywood should learn from the regional movies like Marathi and Malayalam Cinema. Though he is yet to announce about his venture in Marathi movie world officially, yet his statement that he is keen to do his start with M Town soon.

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