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Ubuntu And Vitthala Shappath 1st Day Box Office Collection

Ubuntu And Vitthala Shappath
Ubuntu And Vitthala Shappath

This Friday, the M Town has two films to hit the theaters. These include Ubuntu and Vitthala Shappath. Both the films belong to different categories and genre and hence have two different types of movies to offer the M Town audience. Well, let’s talk about the film Ubuntu. It has a decent buzz in the media, with most of the critics giving positive reviews to the film, while the promotion of the film to has gone on a decent mode as well. Together the movie shares a good buzz giving the film a huge surge. Now, let’s talk about the way the film has performed on the first day.

Well, the film has started with a low occupancy but the evening shows have gone higher in terms of occupancy and collection. As per reports, the 1st day box office collection for Ubuntu tolled to around 1.2 crores on the box office and experts feel that it will rise with the passing days. Now, time to talk about the other film Vitthala Shappath, which has given similar sort of performances though a bit lower than the other released movie, yet it can be called as a decent figure for the makers.
The film Vitthala Shappath was not promoted the way it was hence the collection seems to be low. Also, the movie has so far garnered a mixed review, which also have come in its way in giving a good collection at the end of the first day. The movie started with a meager occupancy, hence giving a decent collect was not possible. As per reports, the 1st day box office collection for Vitthala Shappath tolled to around 1 crore. The experts feel that the film might see a growth provided it is able to garner a good word of mouth buzz for the same.

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