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Top 5 Marathi Films of 2017 You Must Watch

The year 2017 has been a sad year for the entertainment sector particularly for the M Town. Thanks to the menace of demonetization and then the GST that bite the economy giving losses in different industries and entertainment industry is certainly not an exception. But that doesn’t mean that the year had no good movies to release in M Town. The fact is, there were several good movies that released in Marathi Cinema.  Some of them were good in content while others remained good in terms of performances and music. The post Sairaat Fever did gave some good movies in the following year 2017 now, time to check some of the best 5 Marathi Movies released in the years 2017 as under:
1). Gachchi
GACHCHI Marathi Movie
GACHCHI Marathi Movie
The first to consider in this list is Gachchi, which had top M Town actors like Priya Bapat & Abhay Mahajan giving a decent note to the year 2017 with rich content and unique script. One of the key aspects of the film includes the strong writing, good direction and nice performances along with intensive background music.
2) Ti Saddhya Kay Karte
Ti Sadhya Kay Karte
The other film that can be included in this list include of a romantic movie called Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, which can be called as a romantic film with competitive performance. Though one can find the film with two incompetent debutants yet it managed to get good reviews for the content and other elements.
3). Faster Fene
Faster Fene
It had all the things which any typical M Town movie lover would demand for. These include good writing, cool performances and strong director along with good music, editing and photography. All these elements made the film score high getting rave reviews.
4) Muramba


The film was able to redefine the family drama genre found in M Town, while the quadrangular acting performances carried out by the lead actors of the film including Sachin Khedekar, Amey Wagh, Mithila Palkar, and Chinmayee Sumeet made all the difference.
5). Shentimental
It’s a fantastic movie that deals with crime investigation carried out with comedy. The film therefore has a good blend of humor, reality and humor that were presented the world of our police which is seen completely a new fashion.

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