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Lathe Joshi Marathi Movie Review


Lathe Joshi Review

Director – Mangesh Joshi
Star cast – Chittaranjan Giri, Ashwini Giri, Om Bhutkar
Genre – Drama
Ratings – 23.5
After working for around 35 years being a lathe machine expert, he is laid off away from the factor with the courtesy automation. Though his wife who is seen running a catering business in Pune seems to be thriving with passing time, while his son is also employed who is into computer and other machine repair industry. The two ask him to relax while Joshi is simply interested in continuing with his business, but is it possible to compete with this modernisation is a big question to pose.
The film picks up a story which can be found in any of the lives of the people in our society. The film talks about the changing time which Joshi is unable to pick that’s the reason he loses his job, while others in his family, his son and his wife remain smart and abreast with the world tuning up with the pace of the current world. The film is a film written with all heart and similar goes the story of implementation of the movie that sounds good as well. The kind of emotion required to portray for the character can be seen by the lead actor in it and hence the film escalates high in terms of rating with good performances, rich content and par filmmaking skills.
However, on the other side, we see some downside of the film as well that goes slow at times much like Joshi and to make things bad to worse, we have some blatant kind of brand endorsements, which further is seen hampering the progress of the movie. The cool performances of the actor seemed to be the highlight of the movie but the film fails to deliver any solution in a simple way, however, you can always think of watching the movie for good performances. The other elements like music, performances, photography and other elements remains par to the expectations of the audience. These things have certainly helped the film to come along with the additional entertainment value to a great extent.
Lathe Joshi The Last Word
Despite the film has all the rich content to present backed with good performances by the lead actors, yet it somewhere fails to deliver the end that goes worthy. This really hampers the film in a big way otherwise it remains good in terms of performances and other things. So, if you are looking a film with good performance with good content without worrying much about the climax, then Lathe Joshi is a perfect catch for you. Go for it!

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