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Ticha Umbartha Marathi Movie Review

Ticha-Umbartha-Marathi-Movie Review

This Friday in M Town, you have two movies releasing, which certainly include Ticha Umbartha. The film has Tejaswini Pandit, Chinmay Mandlekar, Jyoti Chandekar and Harsha Khandeparkar in the lead roles along with, Suyash Tilak, Aditi Sawant and Shital Shukla in the supporting roles. The film is directed by Pradeep Ghosinkar, while it is produced under the banner of RDX Cinema Co. the story and screen play along with the dialogue come along with Jayant Pawar and Music is composed by Shreyas Preet, while the photography is carried out by Yogesh Jani. Now time to dig in deep to get the crux of the film as under:


The film is based on the Marathi play called Majha Ghar. Meet Dinesh played Chinmay Mandlkar and Vibhavari played by Tejwaswani Pandit who together is a married couple. After spending a time together for a couple of year, the man in the family loses his interest in his wife and starts developing a feeling for Nandita played by Harsha Khandeparkar who works in his ad agency. Vibhavari is not happy with this situation and leaves the home after a cold war to her parent’s place. However, she is not happy there and soon decides to return to husbands places but to plans to teacher her husband a lesson, which gets the support of her mother in law. Dinesh learns some changes in Vibhavari’s life, which prompts him to leave his home and settles with Nandita. So, what happens at the end is interesting to catch in the film.


Though the title could remind you of the film by Alka Kubal Films from the nineties but the film is a balanced and sensible film. Rather of showing a woman as someone who is keep in tolerating injustice, this movie showcases a woman who stands against all odds. Despite the Saas-Bahu relationship has been painted by grey color by most of our TV serials but the filmmaker has tried to pain it with black and white showing a good relationship. They share a good rapport and the Mother in law is seen supporting the daughter in law against her own son and his alleged affair with a lady outside.

As far as the performances are concerned, the lead actors have done a decent job, however, the screenplay seemed to have some amount of flaws, which gives a feeling as if we are catching up a play rather than a film. Both the ladies at the center in the film including the Tejaswini Pandit and Jyoti Chandekar have done a good job. In fact, the former had called the role to be challenging one, which she has done a justice to. On the other side, Suyash Tilak has a limited screen space yet has performed in a decent manner.

Ticha Umbartha Last Word

The film’s central idea though is to show the self-respect of the women along with empowering her, however, it has somewhere failed to put the right impact over the minds of the audience. As you get a feeling of play in it, yet looking at the brighter side, the film has some decent performances backed with good dialogues, which can help in portraying the message right.

Rating – 3.0




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