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Ticha Umbartha and Babanchi Shala 1st Day Box Office Report

Ticha Umbartha and Ticha Umbartha 1st day box office report

This Friday you have two Marathi movies releasing, which certainly include the one called Ticha Umbartha. The film is based on a Marathi Play called Majha Ghar, which has brought forth a decent performance over the box office. The movie had a decent response from the audience, though it was a busy Friday with so many films releasing in B Town as well hampering the collection. In M Town, the films are not promoted in a huge way unlike the Bollywood films, also the star value of the films in Marathi Cinema, hence expecting such a huge collection is not often seen.

As per reports, the first box office report for Ticha Umbartha tolled to around 55 lakhs, which is an okay figure in the pretext of the first day. Now, if you look at the other movie Babanchi Shahl, it is a social drama, which showcases a tangible message to the society. However, the film faced the similar kind of issues the low promotion, the low pre buzz in the media and other things, which came in its way. So, as per reports, the first day box office collection for the film Babnchi Shahl tolled to around 60 lakhs which is slight higher than the other release of Bollywood films.

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