Ti Talwar song from Bhagtos ka Mujra Karr is full of patriotism

Ti Talwar song from Bhagtos ka Mujra Karr

Upcoming film, Bhagtos ka Mujra Karr, has scintillating Marathi song. “Ti Talwar”, in the voice of Adarsh Shende, is a lovely track with beaming music. The music is composed by Amit Raj and the lyrics is by Kshitij Patwardhan. On screen the song is enacted by Shreyash Talpade who dons a Marathi avatar looking fabulous. The song has been pictured amazingly.

The song is picturized on a historical monument and is illustrating the importance of the heritages of our country which stand as an epitome of great valor and strength of yester years.

Bhagtos Ka Mujra Kar  is based on the subject of preserving and respecting the state’s heritage sites.

Ti Talwar song shows the glimpses of various heroes of the land of Maharashtra whom the audience ( in the song) bow to in order to show respect. The traditional attire and setting of the song resembles the Marathi folk dramas which makes the song very quintessentially Marathi in taste. Adarsh’s voice and echoing music by Amit deserve applause. The lyrics by Patwardhan is soulful and meaningful. Other actors like Jitendra Joshi and Aniket Shrivastava are also present among the seated audience.

Shreyas looks a typical Marathi manus with all flavours of history imbibed in him. Surely, the song will catch the attention of the listeners.

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