Team of Ishq Wala Love’ visit engineering colleges for promotion

Ishq Wala Love movie promotion

Ishq Wala Love is all set to hit the theaters and woo the audience.  Produced and directed by Renu Desai , Ishq Wala Love’ is a romantic comedy in a college campus. One could not choose a better place than engineering colleges for the promotion of the film. The team of the film recently visited an engineering college in Pune which was beaming with energy . The team consisted of Renu Desai and the young actors of the film. The actors further disclosed their plan for their promotions.

They will be visiting as many as forty engineering colleges in and around Pune to reach out to the youngsters and to interact with them. Renu came up with this great idea for the promotion of her much ambitious film project. The actors are super excited about the film and are eager to see the reaction of the audiences. The young dynamic film maker was quoted as saying that the journey of the film Ishq Wala Love’ begins from these colleges and hopefully we will reach the hearts of the audiences. “Besides this being a promotional act for the film, it is also an opportunity for us to relive through our by gone college days. Now it feels like those memories were always fresh inside us. “said Renu Desai who eagerly waits for her movie to reach the masses.

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