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Take Care Good Night Marathi Movie Review

Take Care Good Night Movie Review


Take Care Good Night Review

Director – Girish Joshi
Star CastMahesh Manjrekar, Sachin khedekar, Iravati Harshe and Abhay Mahajan
Genre – Drama, Crime thriller
Runtime – 1 hour 50 minutes
Rating – 2.5
The Marathi film is based on a real-life incident, while it revolves around a family in Mumbai which happens to be modern comprising of a daughter (played by Pethe) and her parents (Khedekar and Harshe). The movie is based on cyber crime, which brings the family to face upheaval after a mysterious man starts stalking the daughter online. So, how would they cope up with the situation is the plot of the film. And what really goes in the film, which has the story narrated by Khedekar’s character is interesting to explore in the nearby cinema.
The M Town is constantly on the move to experiment with one film to the other. We see the Marathi Cinema experimenting a lot these days and the film  Take Care Good Night is certainly not an exception. As  you check the movie, you find the story is narrated by Khedekar’s character, which appears not less than any seminar. The film has an interesting and modern storyline, which has been portrayed the best, while the actors playing different roles have done justice to the way it was expected over the silver screen. However, the film at times becomes predictable, which somewhere hampers the entertainment value of the film.
Also, the other elements in the film like music, screenplay, dialogues and technical elements are okay, which does not help much to boost up the entertainment value. Yet if you are looking for a film with modern content can think of catching up this film for sure. The film first half simply goes in narrating the story with constant flashback and the present scenes make things messy and annoys the audience. However, in the second half, the film settle downs but soon becomes predictable especially for those who are well versed with cyber life and content.
Take Care Good Night The Last Word
The film Take Care Good Night can be a worthy watch if contents like cybercrime and similar issues interest you. However, you can catch this film on  your own risk since it becomes predictable and hampers the fun of catching an entertainment film.

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